Tuesday, September 9, 2008

False Start by Jasper Johns

False Start by Jasper Johns 
In 1988, False Start brought $17 million at the auction at Sotheby’s. In year 2006, the painting was sold to the Kenneth C. Griffin, for $80 million, making it the most expensive painting to be sold by a living artist. 

The False Start is one of the popular oil paintings of Jasper Johns and was made on a canvas 170.8 centimeters long and 137.2 centimeters wide. The colorful painting has always impressed the people since the time it was released. The magnificent use of varied kinds of colors in painting is most impressive. 

False Start manages to be both clotted and expansive, a field of interlocking patches and passages of red, yellow, and blue with orange and gray, each of which is named throughout the compositions. Such as it is, this composition is an allover affair with no hierarchy of parts, in good, second generation abstract expressionist. 
False Start by Jasper Johns

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