Sunday, June 6, 2021

Langlois Bridge at Arles by Vincent van Gogh

It was painted in 1888. Arles was a rural, agricultural town nestled between the River Rhone and the wild countryside of the Camargue.

Van Gough arrived in Arles in February 1888 armed with romantic preconceptions: to him the south was an unpolluted haven, a place of pure, clear colors and translucent light.

He chose a place for his easel where he could paint the patch of land with the road in the foreground as a large diagonal leading into the left background.

The painting is one of a series of views of the Langlois Bridge at Arles that Van Gough painted between mid-March and mid-May of 1888.
Langlois Bridge at Arles by Vincent van Gogh

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