Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) by Andy Warhol

More than 8 feet tall-by-13-feet wide painting titled "Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster)" depicts a twisted body sprawled across a car's mangled interior.

In Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) Warhol selects a subject matter considered particularly radical at the time, capturing the immediate aftermath of a car crashing into a tree, with the silk-screen impression bleakly dramatizing the deformed metal and twisted human body while the reflective silver paint creates a play of light and shadow.

The work consists of two canvases. One features five rows of three images repeating a mangled car; the second is a blank silvery surface.

Warhol only ever created seven works in this double-canvas style, and others in shades of red and blue now hang in museums.
Silver Car Crash (Double Disaster) by Andy Warhol

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