Thursday, May 18, 2017

September Morn by Paul Émile Chabas

The painting was Matinée de Septembre (September Morn), Paul Émile Chabas's depiction of a girl bathing in a lake at dawn. After being exhibited at the Paris Salon of 1912, it disappeared into a private collection, but found a second life as a cheap lithograph.

Chabas was a French artist whose first painting on this theme, “Joyful Pastime,” depicted a group of women playing at water’s age, a work that received the Prix de Salon in 1899.
September Morn painting caused a scandal when it was first displayed in the window of a Chicago art gallery in 1912.

It depicts a nude woman, bending over, her right arm crossings her breasts and touching her left arm as she grazes at the morning light and a background of hazy clouds and mountains, while standing in water that rises to her calves.
September Morn by Paul Émile Chabas
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