Thursday, October 20, 2016

A Pair of Shoes, by van Gogh 1887

Vincent paints six canvases of his work boots during his time in Paris. They are rough and worn with heavily nailed soles.

Each mark, fold and wrinkle relates a story. The shoes themselves epitomize the memory of time. A Pair of Shoes first half of 1887, ankle-high dress shoes that lace-up the front, are featured. One shoe is turned over to show the flat heel and smooth sole.

A Pair of Shoes, One Shoe Upside Down. Paris early 1887
The 1887 painting is made at the time in which Vincent is an active participant in the Paris art scene. Vincent’s paintings of heavy work shoes seem to reflect the side of his personality that, as a struggling artist, identified with the hard-working laborer.
A Pair of Shoes, by van Gogh 1887
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